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If the Foundations are Destroyed

Psalm 11:3 (NIV),

"When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

The foundations of the Christian faith are under attack. The early chapters of the Bible, Genesis 1-3, are so important to our whole philosophy of life. The younger generation are under attack and becomes so uncool to believe what the Bible says. It is urgent that we train the youth generation these basic and vital truths.

1. In the beginning God - Genesis 1:1 - Belief in God is the source of every value we hold. Reject God and you have atheism. Reject God and there is no foundation for any moral values.

2. In the beginning God created - Genesis 1:1 - Belief that we are special beings designed and created by an Almighty God to have a life rich with meaning and purpose as opposed to being meaningless blobs that happened by random accidental processes. Which life philosophy will build a loving, caring society? Which will produce a selfish, hateful, destructive society.

3. God created men and women to create families and to rule together - Genesis 1:26-28 - in the image of God's love, holiness, joy and eternal purpose. The modern attack is to destroy biblical marriage and that family actually has a very important and positive purpose. The destruction of these values beginning with transgender manipulation of childrens' minds and emotions beginning in primary schools is a massive attack against youth. Who will teach them the truth?

4. God said that sin brings judgement and death - Genesis 2:17, but if there is no God, no creation, no family, no sin, no moral values and no judgement and man is left to live as he or she likes, then Darwin's subtitle to the Origin of Species becomes very frightening - "The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life".

Darwin believed that the stronger eliminates the weaker. This philiosophy inspired Hitler to kill over 6 million Jews. Will it stop there? We see in the viciousness of the ssm debate that a societal attitude is growing that could bring an explosion of persecution, and maybe a holocaust type attitude that will call for the elimination of that part of society that wants to hold on to biblical values as a foundation for righteousness, purpose and eternal salvation. These are dangerous times and we need to unite and pray and return to what God has taught us - 2Chronicles 7:14.

This is why Abbahouse is providing mentoring for the younger generation, for church leaders and staff, and for anyone who is really hungry to understand the purposes of God in our generation.

Look for an opportunity for you to join us. Read and respond to our website -

May the Lord Jesus bless you abundantly,

Dr. Jeff Hammond

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